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The best way to extend the overall life of your commercial roof is with a planned roof maintenance plan. The BELDON RoofExtend™ program is completely customizable to meet your current roofing needs, and emphasizes three important concepts:

  • Security — You can concentrate on running your business knowing your roof is secure, intact, and in good repair.
  • Safety — Our professionals are trained, per OSHA curriculums, to recognize the potential safety hazards on your roof and recommend safety enhancements.
  • Savings — By proactively preventing leaks, locating roof deficiencies early, and properly budgeting expenses, we can help you save money.

With BELDON RoofExtend™, our trained professionals perform bi-annual roof inspections and preventative maintenance per your agreed plan. The initial observation triggers a checklist of details our professional roofing team will monitor. If our roofing technician spots a problem, the program will provide for recommended repairs to bring the roof up to proper condition, allowing for better budgeting.

As a BELDON RoofExtend™ customer, our TEAM will take on the burden of your building’s roof maintenance, allowing you to focus on your business.

Common Problems

  1. Out of Sight – Out of Mind
  2. Failed Flashings
  3. Debris
  4. Organic Growth
  5. Ponding Water
  6. Improper Flashing
  7. Mechanical Equipment
  8. Storm Damage

Do You Have A Preventative Maintenance Plan In Place?


Step 1: Property History 

Research past and active warranties, and past and active leaks. 

Identify current usage of the building, and recognize planned usage. 

Step 2: Roof Assessment and Budget

Identify deficiencies and potential issues. 

Create a budget for urgent and remedial repairs and planned roof replacement.

Step 3: Approval of Budgeted Repairs 

Execute preventative maintenance agreement and repair scope. 

Step 4: Perform Repairs 

Schedule identified and approved repair work. 

Step 5: Preventative Maintenance 

Execute bi-annual inspections and issue reports based on site-visits and findings. 

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